Advance Remodeling has decades of experience installing decks and porches of the finest quality.  Due to the Baltimore Area’s unpredictable weather, all our decks and porches are designed to withstand sun, rain, ice and snow.

Whether wood or composite, squared or angled, one level or multi-levels, our decks and porches add beauty and functionality to your home. Our decks and porches add outdoor usable space, increase the value of your home and energize you to spend quality time outdoors with your loved ones.

There is nothing quite like sitting on your beautiful new deck or porch and enjoying the fresh air while socializing, reading the paper or even doing nothing at all.

Factors To Consider While Building A New Deck

A deck is a major investment that demands your absolute attention. If you want your deck to last, you must take your time choosing the colors, finishes and features. This apart, you have to consider the aspects of space, utility, location, safety, weather, and style as well. Maintaining your deck is the key to keeping its appearance in top shape.

Because decks are subject to weather elements, such as sun, snow, ice, and wind, it is important to choose a material and finish that you can successfully maintain. At Advance Remodeling, we work closely with you to come up with innovative ideas so you move one step closer to the deck of your dreams. Here’s what we take into account:

Available Space

Before selecting the decking materials and style, we invest considerable time studying your home and the area surrounding it. Accordingly, we figure out the space available for your new deck and plan out the size of it. Should there be any obstruction in the yard that might interfere with the construction, we either have them removed or build the deck around them at your discretion.


Once the space is planned and the desired size specified, we will then discuss the utility of your deck. Think about what you will be using it for – whether for entertainment, relaxation, leisure, or just to increase the space.



Where you wish to build your deck would depend on how much privacy you want. In case of limited privacy, we suggest you plant some high trees around your deck that will help block the view. The location will also depend on the amounts of shade and sunlight we need and how people will access your deck. It will either be attached to the side of your home or have stairs to get to it.



You need to consider safety because decks can be dangerous, especially if you have children at home. We recommend you choose an open or an enclosed deck. Also, consider installing railings if yours is a deck high off the ground.

Types Of Decking Materials

Advance Remodeling installs high quality wood, composite, and vinyl decks.  The differences are briefly described here, but feel free to ask us any questions you may have when deciding on the materials that make sense for your deck or porch.


Wood decks are traditional. Wood gives you unlimited design options and can be painted or stained to match your home. However, wooden decks require regular maintenance. Because of its exposure to moisture, we use pressure-treated wood to prevent decay and termite infestation.


Composite Decks

Composite decking comprises synthetic plastic and real wood fiber. This combination makes for a strong and durable decking material with the look of natural wood but without the maintenance. Composite decking does not splinter and lasts longer. Furthermore, this material is eco-friendly owing to its high level of recycled content.


Vinyl Decks

Vinyl, also known as PVC, is similar to composite in that it comes in multiple colors and does not need to be treated, stained or painted.  It is also splinter-free and low maintenance.  The main difference between vinyl and composite is that vinyl is slightly less susceptible to scratching and color fading.

Porch Installation and Remodeling

A classic Baltimore City porch problem involves the hidden gutters in the roof that are often ignored. When these gutters leak the water soaks into the wood structure and, if not stopped quickly, causes rot. It can cost thousands to fix a rotted porch roof structure. The less costly answer is good roofing with a good sleeve through the roof.

Advance Remodeling has lots of experience with these issues and can even completely replace your porch roof if that is necessary. So, if you live in Baltimore City and wish to get your porch remodeled, look no further.

Porch Roofing

Before deciding on a porch roof, we make sure to evaluate the state of your existing structure to spot signs of weaknesses.  During this phase we will determine whether the existing structure is strong enough to support a porch roof. Once we get the green signal, we would then go on to pick the roofing materials and select the style.

Porch roofing can be chosen to suit the rest of your home or add as a unique architectural detail to it. At Advance Remodeling, we recommend installing insulated porch roofing. Whether using blown insulation, rolled insulation or pre-insulated roofing panels, insulating the porch roof will help provide a comfortable temperature for added enjoyment.

Porch Gutters

Advance Remodeling provides gutters in many different materials, including vinyl, aluminum, copper, and wood. We choose gutter materials and systems considering the following aspects:

  • If there are many trees near your home
  • The amount of rainfall the system has to handle
  • The pitch of the roof (Steep roofs require larger gutter systems)
  • Budget (Section system prone to leaks are less expensive; seamless systems with low maintenance are more expensive)

For consistent appearance and hassle-free drainage, consider installing the same gutter system to the surrounding area of the home.

Porch Flooring

Flooring is an important choice when completing a porch remodel or building a new structure. The choices made in material and design will affect the style and performance of the new flooring. At Advance Remodeling, we consider the following aspects before choosing porch flooring materials:

  • Whether the porch will be open or enclosed
  • Whether the porch needs to be readied for the winters
  • Whether carpeting is needed or not.

Many different types of flooring can be installed for a porch. Properly sealed wood and tile flooring are some of the popular choices. Open porches are more susceptible to the elements and require flooring that is properly sealed to prevent moisture damage. Heated flooring can make the porch more inviting in the colder months. Also, carpet is not recommended as exposure to the outdoors makes them difficult to maintain.

Porch Steps

Porch steps are often overlooked when designing a new porch or remodeling an old one. At Advance Remodeling, we consider the overall look of the porch and home when creating new steps. If there are two or more steps, we’d include a railing. The railing will allow for creativity and can be chosen to match the porch design or create a unique accent.

On average, front porch steps are located in the middle while steps up to back porches are to one side or the other. We make sure the porch steps match the width of the sidewalk below. Whether you choose wood, concrete, or some other material, we recommend periodically weather coating the porch steps to protect them for years to come.

Types Of Porches

Adding a porch to your home can give it a warm and charming feeling. Here are some of the most common types to consider:

Portico Porches

Smaller than wraparound porches, portico porches are located at the entrance to your home. Owing to their size, they usually hold only a rocking chair or two. If you just want a small space to add a feeling of comfort to your home, this is a good choice for you.

Screened-In Porches

These porches have some kind of screen around their perimeter. They can be attached to your home in various locations and can often feel like an extension of your home. Screened porches are best for keeping out bugs or creating privacy. They can be small or large porches and screening is available in many materials, including rust-proof bronze, aluminum with a baked-on finish, copper, and even vinyl.

Sleeping Porches

A sleeping porch refers to a porch that is attached to a bedroom. These porches are surrounded by a screen and can be used for relaxing or sleeping. They are perfect to use when the weather is nice.

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